Adorable Baby Has Giggle Fits Over Donkey

Published February 19, 2016 657,323 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsLaughing is contagious and sometimes so infective, one can barely breathe! It can be something so mundane and simple that will set you off and there is nothing you can do, other than hold onto your belly and wait for it to pass.

In the world of good laughs, it has been said that the sound of the letter K is the one that really sets things in motion. Words like “cucumber" have the magical properties to pop a good belly laugh out of anyone, but this little kid has a very different trigger.

The toddler is sitting with his mom and she is showing him pictures of animals that he can learn. When she get’s to the picture of a famous farm animal, she hands it over to him and says “ donkey", to which the tot just loses it! Sweet baby laugh just rolls out of that tiny mouth with a gentle rasp and we burst in laughter right after him! He is so adorable!

He was supposed to learn the difference between a turtle and a kangaroo, but every time the donkey comes, it takes his breath away - literally! Maybe it’s the K in “donkey" that does the trick, or just looking at the silly looking animal. Whatever it is, we can’t catch a breath of it either!