Mom Decides To Leave Her Mask On, But Her Baby Doesn't Seem To Be A Fan

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Published: September 16, 2017

Let’s face it, babies get scared of almost everything. They are terrified of their mom’s sneeze, their father’s belly belch, their sister’s pet and even their own shadow. But it simply doesn’t get old.

This following video was filmed in Tonsberg in Norway when a young mother decided to play a little prank on her baby. As you all now, babies are blank pages when they are born and they seem to be very curious about almost everything. Well, this mother tried to test just how curious would her little one be, and although it didn’t turn out as planned, it didn’t disappoint either.

She went through her normal bathtime rituals, but decided to omit taking off her mud mask. While she waited for it to work its magic, this young woman went and took her tiny tot in her arms. At first, nothing was happening, the baby was content to be inside his mother’s embrace. However, things took a turn for the worst in a matter of seconds.

The smiling infant got the scare of his life when the mom turned towards him and simply said ‘boo’. He was so spooked by the stranger that was holding him, he started wailing and flailing his arms all over the place. The problem we are facing now is whether we start laughing because of his bizarre reaction, or sympathize with him. One thing is for sure, this video will be the talk of future family gatherings to come.

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