Dog Plays Dead In This Oscar-Worthy Performance

Published November 8, 2017 20,514 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt is probably the most famous trick among pet owners - they would point “finger guns" at their pet, say “bang" and the pet would roll over on their back, playing dead. Dogs, cats, even hamsters have been seen doing this trick with amazing success, but varied enthusiasm. Not everyone wants to be an actor, you know!

No one knows who started this trend, but now everyone and their grandma can <a href="" target="_blank">train their dog</a> how to “stick ‘em up" and then spasm on the floor. Some say it is the worst form of animal cruelty and these people should be punished, while others exclaim how it’s best thing they have ever seen online.

We will not take sides on this matter, but we will tell you about what can only be described as the best doggy performance ever caught on camera and worthy of a golden man!

This pup can not only <a href="" target="_blank">play dead</a>, but with every “bang" sound his owner makes, he spasms further, as if he can feel life escaping him with every imaginary bullet! His owner first tells him to put his “hands" up, which the dog obliges on the spot. Then, he sees the finger gun coming out and like a Hollywood diva, the dog throws himself on the floor, writhing his body as if in great pain. Damn!

It looks like Pashmak the dog needs a talent manager! Check out those acting skills!