New Puppy Surprise Moves Little Girl To Tears Of Joy

Gerber Published November 8, 2017 13,386 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsEvery kid loves surprises, but when the surprise is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this girl when she realizes she received a new puppy.

It is Natalia’s birthday and her parents wanted to surprise their little girl in the most adorable way. They knew that their daughter loves dogs and they decided to add another member to the family.

The moment Natalia enters the room she smells something fishy but she doesn’t know that she is about to receive the best birthday present ever. The present is wrapped in a shiny, purple paper and is slightly shaking, because there is a dog inside it, but you already knew that! However, Natalia doesn’t have a clue that she is about to receive her favorite - a Corgi puppy, and it is a girl just like her!

As soon as the girl opens the box, she finds a little doggy bag and there is something moving inside it. She is immediately overwhelmed with emotion and is obviously left for words. She picks the puppy up and bursts into tears.

Her brother joins and they both start petting the Corgi and shower her with love and affection. Natalia cannot help but cry out of happiness, and the new puppy is sure going to be very happy in this family.