New Puppy Surprise Sends Kids Bursting Into Tears

Published October 20, 2017 35,754 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhen it comes to big surprises, there are only a few things worth really screaming about. A surprise vacation is always nice, and an unprecedented proposal is always really exciting, but there’s something about surprising someone with a living, breathing, adorable little bundle of joy that can make anyone weak in the knees. We are talking about puppies, of course! They really and truly are the one surprise that everyone will enjoy and the gift that keeps on giving!

Many times, parents go out of their way to surprise their beloved children, and is there a better surprise than a living, breathing puppy! Watch this adorable video when parents gather their daughters in the living-room and ask them to cover their eyes with their hands. The girls know that they are going to be somehow surprised, but don’t expect what’s about to happen!

Suddenly, their dad walks over with an adorable, fluffy surprise puppy, and the kids completely lose it. They go over and meet their new friend for the first time. Soon, they both burst into tears. They already love their surprise puppy and can’t fight back the tears streaming down their faces.

The sisters are lost for words, they scream, laugh, and cry, they have mixed emotions and there is no doubt that this puppy will be smothered with love and grow up to be a wonderful dog one day! Check out the heart-melting reaction these girls have the moment they realize they've just received a new puppy. Get those tissues ready because you are about to get a teary eye!

How would you have reacted to this surprise?