A.I.: a Medium for Possession by Devils...

10 days ago

Yesterday, I "talked' with Mark Zuckerberg's Meta A.I., and caught it lying three times, once about the Constitution of Kenya which says "the life of a person begins at conception," once about the anti-sodomy law in Uganda, and once about a passage from the Pentateuch.

I quickly got it to admit it was wrong in all three instances, so it is easier to argue with than a woman is.  But I am in the 0.001% of persons who could do this.  Most people would have believed, and will believe its lies.  And its lies aren't random.  

Its lies are obviously designed to reject what Zuckerberg and his tribe of secularists hate, and obscure the Law of God and the Gospel of Repentance.  

I concluded it is effectively a worldwide Ouija board which is already laying millions of people wide open to a spectrum that ranges from satanic influence to actual possession by an unholy spirit.  

I have heard that Milton in PARADISE LOST coined the term "panDÆMONium" for a situation in which one is surrounded on every side by legions of devils.  

I think there is a special kind of pandæmonium (that was heretofore uniquely the province of peeping wizards, numerologists, occultists, Babylonian magicians, necromancers, & kabbalists) which is now being unleashed on humanity, including children, through the internet.  

I think for the first time in postdiluvian history it is technologically feasible to envision the possession of humanity worldwide into an interconnected mind and body of antichrist.  

As you can see in my hastily made video below, A.I. is programmed not to acknowledge certain passages of Holy Scripture.  Let's pray for special protection for our families and children and a special outpouring of the Holy Ghost and Truth as these extraordinary temptations are imposed on us.  

Come swiftly, Lord Jesus!




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