Gender Reveal Party Leaves Parents-To-Be In Tears Of Joy

Published November 3, 2017 237,248 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsIt is the latest fad when it comes to event organizing - expecting parents gather their friend and relatives to show everyone the gender of the family member they will be welcoming in the very near future.

Colored balloons, color themed cakes, games and piñatas - they are all in play! Some couples go all out for the grand reveal and why wouldn’t they - the entire fad has given birth to a world wide business model, where professional people take care of everything for you, so that you can be as surprised about the news as everyone else!

Don’t get us wrong, having a lavish party to learn your baby’s gender is a good idea. But recently we have been surprised by the amount of parents-to-be who decide to take things on the down low for their baby's gender reveal. A small cake, a few of their closest relatives, everyone in the comfort of their home; what more can you possibly want?

On a table covered halfway with baby blue for ‘Team Blue’ and the other half with baby pink for ‘Team Pink’, we see a cute cake decorated with rosettes in the same two colors, no where near indicating what’s the color of the cake inside. Overhead, a pink-and-blue flag garland says those three universal words - “we love you" in Disney font, because it is the inconspicuous theme of the party (yeah, there are Mickey Mouse macarons on the table, but who’s looking?)

So, is it a boy or a girl? Cut the cake already, inquiring minds want to know! Just wait for that ending reaction!

Gender reveal parties have become the new baby showers, with expecting parents throwing such elaborate schemes to show everyone present if they are expecting a boy or a girl! Adult guests usually cheer “boy" or “girl", with the “winning" side celebrating the result like it it a touchdown.

Usually there are colored balloons to reveal the gender, but simpler parties go for colored cake or cupcakes. That way, the party is more budget friendly and everyone gets to eat cake, because come on, who doesn't like cake? The anticipation grows exponentially and the parents-to-be stab the knife in to see what color is it inside, because, usually, the only one who knows the gender is the person who made the cake.

This couple threw such a party, but what the mom didn't expect is the twist that happened after she cut the cake. She got very emotional, as did all those present at the beautiful moment, and this is the personal commentary of the father-to be:

“In February 2015, Lindsay and I were throwing a gender reveal party at our home. What she didn't know, was that there was going to be another surprise. Watch the video and enjoy. I love you babe!”

Another couple of expecting parents took to the same idea for the reveal of their baby’s gender. They, too, are expecting a baby boy, but the cake revealed something else as well. They will be eating another cake pretty soon!


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