Naughty Ghost Caught On Camera Demolishing Old High School

Published October 31, 2017 7,295 Plays

Rumble Ghosts have been blamed for a series of unexplained disturbances at Deerpark school recently and it has all been caught on camera. The motion-activated cameras installed on site caught a disturbing phenomenon. Namely, this secondary school in Cork, Ireland, has reportedly received an uninvited guest from beyond the grave just in time for Halloween.

Founded way back in 1828, Deerpark CBS is the oldest school in southside Cork, generations of children have grown up in these classrooms and it stands to reason some may remain after death. Staff have been left thoroughly spooked after CCTV footage captured an inexplicable and spine tingling incident, which took place in a seemingly deserted corridor.

Watch this ghostly encounter
and decide for yourself whether this is prank or poltergeist? However, CCTV footage clearly shows inexplicable events happening in the oldest and most haunted school South of Cork City. In a scene straight out of Paranormal Activity, eerie flashes of light can be seen, following a thunderous bang. The light appears to flickering from behind a closed door, although it’s source is not clear.

Events start to escalate rapidly when a heavy set of lockers begins rocking back and forth violently, a single locker door swings open forcefully, spewing books and papers all across the floor.

At the end of the footage, we see a wet floor sign being knocked over aggressively, as if it’s been kicked by a paranormal activity.

Could this be the spirit of a mischievous pupil, wanting to cause teachers further irritation from the afterlife?

Credit to 'Deerpark CBS'.