Five Ghosts Caught On Security Camera

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Published: October 4, 2016

Have these security cameras captured proof of ghosts? From a strange blue spirit floating around a gas station to a terrifying poltergeist attack, join us as we take a look at 5 pieces of shocking ghost footage caught on security camera.

We star with the blue ghost captured at a gas station in Parma, Ohio. Security footage captured the blue blur floating around, before disappearing as quickly as it appeared. The cloud was seen floating around outside and darting around customers, before suddenly stopping for half an hour and disappearing again. Witnesses have described the thing as a ghost or an angel. One witness said “it gives me the chills”, while another added “there was an angel here.”

The following footage taken by a security camera in a Japanese car park. The camera overlooks a lane with an empty plot when a minibus drivers past. As the minibus moves out of the frame, a vague female figure in white dress with black hair covering her face appears and just stands there, seemingly transparent. A moment later a small trucks pulls out on the lane and literally drives across the empty plot, through the figure. When the truck moves out of the frame, the figure is gone.

We travel back from Asia to South America, where some CCTV footage has captured a poltegeist at a Blockbuster in Mexico. Nine employees have often reported that an unknown force has blown air on their necks or has pushed them on the back. In this footage, an employee is returning DVDs on the shelves, while the ghost can be seen messing around with the cart. When the man goes on with his work, the poltergeist goes back to the shelf the man was earlier and pulls discs down to the ground. Later, as the man returns to his work, another disc falls to the ground right in front of him. Eerie!

There are very few details about this next CCTV footage, supposedly captured at some kind of an IT park. It shows a man walking down an empty hallway. What happens next is absolutely chilling. When the man decides to take a left turn, a sheer black figure slams into him, pressing him against the opposing wall and lifting him up in the air as if he were a ragdoll. When the man falls to the ground, the shadow seems to be dragging him away further into the corridor. Somehow, he releases himself from the clutches of this thing and manages to run away to safety.

This last clip seems to really prove that the spirits of the recently departed want to show off in front of camera. The spine-chilling footage shows a man walking down a sterile, clinical-looking hallway, with his hood over his head. When he reaches about halfway between the camera and the end of the corridor, when a black ghostly figure materialises and pushes him to the ground. The figure then grabs our hooded man by the foot and drags him a couple of feet before vanishing as quickly as it appeared.

What do you think? Real or fake?

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