Rescued puppy needs snuggles after stinky dip

Published October 26, 2017 3,397 Views $15.39 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRescuing dogs can sometimes strain my faith in humanity.  These puppies were brought to animal services in a near-death condition.  Ringworm normally isn't life-threatening, but when it is combined with a compromised immune system and general poor health, it can be.  These guys and gals had a gnarly case of this skin infection and probably would have died if they weren't surrendered to animal services.

The "owner" of this litter surrendered them because "the mother didn't want anything to do with them".  This excuse, in and of itself, is not unbelievable, in fact, this type of thing is common with new mothers.  What is a problem, a very big problem, is that these puppies would have had next to no care to end up in the condition they were in. Which means that the "owner" waited for much longer than they should have to get the puppies the medical attention they needed.

Fortunately, this group ended up with us after a brief stay at animal services.  Unfortunately, we had to give them horribly stinky sulfur dips, think rotten eggs, which were terribly uncomfortable for the puppies, like putting peroxide on a cut.  That sucked.  It stunk, the puppies were all crying, and there was nothing that could be done to make it better for them, or stink any less. We really didn't have a choice, because, as mentioned before, without treatment these pups would have been in a very bad spot. 

We are passed the dips now though! As you can see, these puppies are now getting to go outside and explore the world.  They "bounce" when running through the grass because their legs are not long enough to walk normally!  That translates into some seriously cute video!  Be sure to check our channel at for more videos of our rescue dogs.