Bully Sticks versus Rawhides 2m02s

Bully Sticks versus Rawhides

`OnlyNaturalPet.com provided us with these Bully Sticks in exchange for our honest opinion. The contents of this video and the following article are 100% my own words and opinion. Growing up, we always thought we were doing our dogs a solid by giving them rawhides. They loved those things and stayed occupied with them for long periods of time. Little did we know then, rawhides are the canine equivalent of a Big Mac smothered in chocolate gravy! They also pose some other risks and, fortunately, we have avoided the serious problems that such an unhealthy treat. But as we have grown as dog owners, our family has searched high and low for a healthier option that still had the same “staying power” as a rawhide because, as mentioned before, the dogs really enjoy them. Our dogs, and bully breeds, in general, can probably, and I'm only half joking, chew through cold-rolled Pennsylvania steel given enough time and a good enough reason. So a potential candidate for a chew has to give our dogs enough fun, a.k.a chewing time, for its cost. I didn't think that they would be but these two simple requirements are surprisingly difficult to meet in one product. Fortunately, we found Only Natural Pet Bully Sticks (http://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=564943&u=1282565&m=6187&urllink=&afftrack=) -affiliate link- and, well, I believe the video speaks for itself. They are healthy, tough, and the dogs go crazy for them. Another great aspect of these bully sticks is their price point. They are very inexpensive for how long they last and a single pack of 5 could easily last a dog a month! Onlynaturalpet.com also provides an auto-delivery option so that our pups never have to go without(even if you're as absent-minded as me). All in all, these particular bully sticks earn my stamp of approval. As a bonus, ONP uses carbon-neutral shipping!

Thanksgiving puppy 1m58s

Thanksgiving puppy

These puppies came to us with the worst-case ringworm that we have ever seen. We had to deal with this type of thing before, but it was usually something that was taken care of within a week or so. Unfortunately, these puppies had it so bad that it took almost a month for us to get a hold of the infection. The process for taking care of ringworm is the application of sulfur dip on the affected area, anyone familiar with this treatment knows that they smell awful.. Our entire house, even when applying to this outside, smelled like rotten eggs every time we had to treat the puppers . Fortunately, after the ringworm was control the puppies began to come into their own personalities. These photos were taken about a week or so before the puppies were adopted. As you can see, they look quite happy and I'm sure now that they're their forever homes they are even more very happy.

Pitbull mixes are great friends 54s

Pitbull mixes are great friends

As you can see from the video, these five dogs are all very close. The two white and brown dogs are Boo and Abby. the Small black and white dog is mama Coral, she tends to get a little bit too excited when playing in these situations, so as you can see, I decided to keep her inside while the rest of the dogs play. It may seem that Boo is too rough with Sully, the large black dog, but the two of them have played like that since they were the only two dogs in the house. In fact, Boo used to have really tiny needle-like puppy teeth that would leave Sully's neck a mess. Puppy teeth are like little hypodermic needles so, needless to say, Sully is not bothered in the least by Boo's roughness now that they're grown. Abby, the white and brown dog with the brown spot at the base of her tail, is a dog we take care of during the day for her parents while they're at work. The first day that she got here I remember she tried to jump over our fence because she didn't want to be here. As you can see, she has since learned to love hanging out with us during the day and I think of her as part of my family. Inventing little things like this for my dogs to enjoy this one of my most favorite things to do. I think it's because they give so much back in terms of enjoying whatever I make for them so it's worth the little bit of work I have to do to make it. If you would like to keep up with our family and our rescue work, check out our blog at www.4dogsandalittlelady.com or our channel at https://rumble.com/c-111021/

Trend Breaking Pitbull is so gentle 1m46s

Trend Breaking Pitbull is so gentle

This is happy. He is a rescue dog that is currently being fostered by us. He first came to us after he healed, from being attacked by the female to which he was being a brat. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it seems fishy how he ended up here. Fortunately for us both, is this tough as nails and he absolutely loves everything and everybody. Since coming to us, he has had to stay in his kennel most the time. But now that he's feeling better, I like to take him out during the day for a few minutes so that he can get a little bit of exercise. The reason I have to keep him in the kennel almost all the time is that the heartworm treatment can be fatal if the patient gets too excited. That means he has to stay calm I am not jumping off the walls for 3 to 6 months. That also means I have to find ways to occupy his time or he will become bored and boredom leads to bad behavior. I have to check myself because he's very strong which makes me be overly cautious. I know from my interaction with them so far that he is a gentle dog not aggressive at all, in fact, he didn't even fight back when he was attacked, but he is very driven when he wants to get to his Kong or toy and he's playing with at the moment. He's so big and strong, that he could hurt somebody( dog or person ) so it's important for me to be able to teach him about his own strength. This is why I am very wary of him around the other dogs. If he was to get excited, there's a good chance that he would behave in such a way that my dog will take offense. This it would almost certainly lead to a fight. If this happens, whether or not my dog gets hurt or it's him that gets hurt, I would be devastated. They were mean I failed at my job and I don't know if I could do it after that.

Adorable Bouncing Rescue Puppies Run In Excitement16s

Adorable Bouncing Rescue Puppies Run In Excitement

Rescuing dogs can sometimes strain my faith in humanity.  These puppies were brought to animal services in a near-death condition.  Ringworm normally isn't life-threatening, but when it is combined with a compromised immune system and general poor health, it can be.  These guys and gals had a gnarly case of this skin infection and probably would have died if they weren't surrendered to animal services. The "owner" of this litter surrendered them because "the mother didn't want anything to do with them".  This excuse, in and of itself, is not unbelievable, in fact, this type of thing is common with new mothers.  What is a problem, a very big problem, is that these puppies would have had next to no care to end up in the condition they were in. Which means that the "owner" waited for much longer than they should have to get the puppies the medical attention they needed. Fortunately, this group ended up with us after a brief stay at animal services.  Unfortunately, we had to give them horribly stinky sulfur dips, think rotten eggs, which were terribly uncomfortable for the puppies, like putting peroxide on a cut.  That sucked.  It stunk, the puppies were all crying, and there was nothing that could be done to make it better for them, or stink any less. We really didn't have a choice, because, as mentioned before, without treatment these pups would have been in a very bad spot.  We are passed the dips now though! As you can see, these puppies are now getting to go outside and explore the world.  They "bounce" when running through the grass because their legs are not long enough to walk normally!  That translates into some seriously cute video!  Be sure to check our channel for more videos of our rescue dogs.  

Morning Sunlight dances on the most adorable puppies20s

Morning Sunlight dances on the most adorable puppies

These orphaned cuties have a particular aversion to bathtime!  Orphaned puppies all have one thing in common, they are gross.  They pee and poo wherever and whenever the urge strikes them.  This includes on their sleeping siblings.  In fact, a sleeping sibling seems to be an invitation!  It's almost like putting your best friends finger in warm water, drawing something vulgar on their face, all while they are "sleeping" due to "copious" amounts of alcohol. The only two options that I, as a foster dad, have for orphan litters is to: Stand poop watch-24hrs a day, 7-days a week.  When we first started fostering, I tried this.  It doesn't work! Puppies do not synchronize their bathroom breaks like some human women. Daily baths-This option is the bee's knees.   Daily baths also provide me with amazing opportunities to capture the overarching "vibe" of a litter in general, and individual puppies specifically.  There are usually three different kind of personalities that we see when the puppies have to get their morning wash.  Timid- Usually hiding underneath the rest of his/her siblings, whining softly.  Annoyed- Usually has paws up on side of tub, barking at foster dad to "let them out of here right now"(The two sisters in the video fall here) Curious- Usually playing with the water, his/her siblings tail, the shampoo bottles, etc  The natural variance in their reaction to getting cleaned up is intensely interesting to me.  I can often make predictions about their behavior in other situations based on how they react to this one.  But, more than anything else, these bathtimes are extremely cute!  If anyone is concerned about them being wet, I dry them immediately after bathing, I just can't take a video and dry the babies off at the same time.  Also, the water is warm and I blow dry them too! Thanks for watching our video and you can see more of these pups at 4dogsandalittlelady.com

Orphan rescue puppies pre-showertime46s

Orphan rescue puppies pre-showertime

These puppies are mad at me because they need to be washed off every morning!  This is particularly the case when puppies are orphaned and, therefore, don't have their momma to clean up after them.  They tend to make a sport of getting dirty, often pooping on each other and/or playing in their own mess....SO GROSS!  Needless to say, their morning shower is the first order of business, after coffee, in the AM.   They know the routine too! Just listen to how much sass they are giving me, and I haven't even turned the water on yet! These six puppies are a part of the original nine that came to us covered in ringworm.  This is not life-threatening but it is extremely painful and unpleasant for the puppies to go through.  If you look closely, you will be able to see hairless paws, ears, and tails, this is the result of the ringworm and it necessitates the use of a sulfur dip that smells exactly like rotten eggs, YUCK!  Fortunately, the treatment gets to work fast and the pups have made huge improvements over the 2 weeks or so that we have had them.  The story we got from animal services is as follows.  The owner surrendered the entire litter because "the mom wouldn't have anything to do with them". This isn't unbelievable in and of itself, but combined with the condition of the puppies, things start to look a little sideways. But, as they say, that is water under the bridge now.  These puppies are almost back to one hundred percent and, within a week or so, it will be hard to tell that they were ever in such bad shape.  If you want to follow this litter or any of our other fosters, feel free to check out our website at www.4dogsandalittlelady.com

Handsome Pitbull sees himself for the first time19s

Handsome Pitbull sees himself for the first time

This is Hapi the Pitbull mix. This is the first time he has ever seen himself in a "selfie" before.  It is very exciting for him to see the handsome pitbull looking back at him! A little backstory on this guy...   He has been with us for about 3 weeks now.  We try not to focus on a dog's "before" too much, but poor Hapi's story should be told.  From what we have gathered from animal services, Hapi was being used as a stud(breeding) and the female whom he was supposed to woo just wasn't having it.  She turned on Hapi and tore him up. If you look at Hapi, he epitomizes the muscle-bound, big-headed, intimidating stereotype of a bully breed.  But while he is muscular and he does have a big head, Hapi is the most gentle dog I've ever been around.  With that in mind, it is not surprising that this boy did not defend himself against the female's aggression.   Long story short, Hapi was in intensive care while his wounds healed, he needed a LOT of medical attention.  As if his trials and tribulations up to this point in the story weren't enough, Hapi is also heartworm positive.  But, as is my way, I look for the silver lining.  His need for long-term healing just means that I get to hang out with him for the next 6 months!  When I tell you that Hapi is a goofball, I feel like I am making an enormous understatement!  All he wants to do is play with his kong, which he takes everywhere with him(even to do his "outside business") and lay on my feet.  I'm already in love with him, as if you can blame me, and it's going to be a great six months as he gets better because of that. Our boy is still very rough around the edges, as in he needs a lot of basic training, but he has a kind and gentle way about him that will make doing that obedience training with him an absolute joy.