Giant Brush Takes Car Wash Employee For A Carousel Ride

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Published: October 26, 2017

The unfortunate event of this American employee has brought joy to millions around the world after this hilarious video went viral. So, if you're having a bad day stop complaining and watch how this guy’s day went.

A giant car wash brush had its sweet vengeance on this poor employee and took him for a spinny ride. This employee got stuck and tangled around the brush, and started spinning round, round like a record. Luckily he was not injured.

CCTV footage shows the worker holding a hose with a long cord while a giant brush is spinning behind him. This is before everything goes wrong for him. Moments later he is being dragged by a wire and spun around repeatedly after he got caught up in a giant brush.

For some reason, the giant rotating brush that cleans the side of a car is still spinning behind him, and it's only a few seconds before the hose accidentally gets wrapped around the mechanism and pulled tight. The wire got caught in the bristles, and the worker couldn’t avoid being taken for a bumpy ride. He was swept off his feet as the brush spun him around at a fast speed.

Everything happened so fast, he got caught up in the tangle and pulled into the center of the brush. He quickly lost his footing and went on world's worst carnival ride. The centrifugal force involved actually caused his boots to come flying off.

After the brush stops spinning, the man stands up, obviously dazed and confused from what happened. Talk about having a bad day!

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