This Is Why You Shouldn't Open Your Doors At The Car Wash

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Published: December 6, 2016

People take their cars to automatic car washes to get them clean in no time. Unfortunately, this man made a horrible mistake in the middle of the car wash. He will regret this epic fail for the rest of his life. You will never look at automatic car washes the same way after watching this video.

If you think about it, automatic car washes can be pretty frightening with all those mechanical parts whirring and spinning around very quickly. They are well-programmed and need way less manpower to function compared to the mill car wash, and they are cost effective too. You will not see any bikini clad blond rubbing your hood with wax, but your car will sure be clean and shine bright like a diamond.

This guy decided to clean his pickup truck in such automatic car wash. In the midst of the washing procedure, when his car was being rinsed and looked all squeaky clean and shiny, the man noticed that one of the brushes broke one of his windshield wipers. The man waited for the brushes to move away to the back of the truck, and decided to get out of the car to fix the wiper. Who does that, while in an automated machine, one might wonder?

There is no need to explain what happened after he opened the car door, while inside the automatic car wash? Everybody knows that it is highly probable that the brushes will set the door wide open in the opposite direction, where it is not supposed to go, making a squeezebox out of your door.

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