Reckless Driver Crashes His BMW While Speeding For Work

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Published: October 25, 2017

Having a supercar must be awesome - the powerful engine, its roar and pull, the acceleration… it all can make your blood rush in your veins. The adrenaline hits you hard and it seems that your senses are heightened, the world is yours! That is until you misjudge your abilities and wreck that prized possession of yours.

This driver claims that he was “driving to work" near Pristina in Kosovo when he lost control of his prized <a href="" target="_blank">BMW</a> M3. Just writing this makes our hearts break, but then again, there is a certain type of people that seem to be going back for vehicles like these.

The man has mounted a camera on the skylight of his BMW <a href="" target="_blank">supercar</a> to show off his ride and the way it purrs when riding in those super high speeds. He starts somewhere in the city, then goes off on the highway. That’s where the epinephrine hits him. He turns the stereo off and starts changing lanes like crazy, missing other cars in traffic by the hair.

But then he either reaches a tight spot or a puddle of rainwater on the road, making him lose complete control of his prized BMW and smack in the side rails to and fro like a pinball. Good thing the music was down, so that we can hear the screeching of the tires on the road as he was trying to save his life. Oh man.

Poor car.

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