Models Holding Up NYC Traffic For Photoshoot With Gold BMW I8 Get Windshield Smashed

Storyful Published January 13, 2017 1,164,582 Plays

Rumble YouTuber Cody Persin was doing a photo shoot with friends in New York City when an angry driver approached the group. Traffic on the busy city street was moving around the car they were using for the shoot, but one driver was not happy. The man interrupted the photo shoot and smashed the windshield of the car with a baseball bat. No-one was hurt, but on-lookers were left puzzled at the drastic action.

Many of us rarely witness a situation like this one on the streets during busy traffic. Nevertheless, this video will most definitely grab your attention, and you're about to see why! Namely, a famous YouTuber is in the middle of a promotional photo-shoot, as he and his crew seem to distract other drivers' attention on the road, and which is more, causes traffic jam. All of this was probably the main reason why we suddenly see an angered driver coming out of his car and heading towards the crew and their super luxurious car. What he does next will blow your mind! We definitely didn't see this coming! He's holding a baseball bat and as soon as he comes close to the car, crashes the windshield, leaving everyone else confused and shocked, to say the least!

We're not quite sure how this YouTuber handles car insurance, and we can't be positive is this angry guy gets caught and fined for this, but one thing is for sure, no one out there expected this type of outrage. Judging by the looks of other people's faces, nobody seemed glad to witness this situation.

When Cody Persin stopped his fancy gold BMW i8 on a busy Manhattan street for a “quick photoshoot,” he bit off a bit more than his BMW windshield could chew. As Persin and one of his friends hang out on the hood of his car, blocking traffic and getting the honks and curse words to prove it, one angry driver decides he’s had enough. He pulls up behind Persin’s car, grabs a bat out of his trunk, and applies it (with gusto) to Persin’s windshield. We’ll forgive you if, while watching this, you feel no sympathy for Persin.
If Cody learned his lesson from this unfortunate event, there will be no next time to show off with his fancy car in the middle of a busy street. Instead of being the thorn in somebody’s eye, he will be the one saying no to people who just want to boast around. The moral of the video: don’t block traffic on a busy New York City street without a permit and maybe some police protection.

Speaking from experience, New Yorkers are used to blocked lanes and other traffic annoyances, to the point where they won’t even honk if it’s an official situation (construction, police barricade, etc.). But if you add further inconvenience for a “quick photoshoot” on your fancy car, you can expect this exact reaction or worse.

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  • jaydog78, 1 year ago


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  • Heff, 1 year ago

    You can't tell if it's set up or not these days. I'd like to think it's real because ...... entitlement

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  • Hazy666, 1 year ago

    Hahaha shouldn't be blocking traffic when people have had a hard day at work trying get home to their family by been mfkin idiots 😂😂😂😂😂

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  • addon246, 1 year ago

    Stupid ass wannabe famous kids are lucky that's all that happened lol. Stopping traffic to make a YouTube video like they are some hard asses with those childish hand signs. You think a shiny beamer gives you some permit to mess with traffic? Wannabe famous kids acting like they own the streets I guess? Truly lucky they managed to piss off a nice guy lol. I k is people who would have walked up and taken a dump on the hood lol. I know this is pissing me off more than it should but I just can't stand how they think anybody has time for thier childish stunt

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