Chilling Footage Shows Boa Constrictor Being Removed From Flooded Streets In Bangkok

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Published: October 24, 2017

It was very unusual for Thailand to be struck with such heavy, monsoon-like rains during the country’s high tourist season. The rains brought floods, reported to have been roof-high in some areas, and left people without their homes for weeks. But this video proves that it isn’t just the humans that were left without shelter.

While maneuvering the busy and flooded streets of Thailand's capital, Bangkok, pedestrians were faced with an even more unusual sight. A <a href="" target="_blank">boa constrictor</a> was swimming in the floodwaters towards the people!

In this rather unsettling footage, the people that were wading through the ankle-deep water on the streets are moving away to let the man wrangling the massive lizard pass by. The wrangler is pulling the <a href="" target="_blank">boa</a> by the tail and away from the public, as people can be heard yelling out of concern in the background.

The brave man continues to drag the snake through the street, but the reptile keeps rearing its head, making the man jump backwards out of fear of being bitten, or worse. As the snake gets free from the man’s grasp, other people surround it with sticks.

The snake eventually shows its true intentions, as it manages to swim away from the scared mob and into the distance. The pedestrians realize that it is just as scared as they are, so they let it be.

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