Boa Constrictor in an Attic

ViralHogPublished: August 14, 2017559 plays$1.51 earned
Published: August 14, 2017

Occurred on July 24, 2017 / Englewood, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "A Columbian Red Tail Boa was found living in our attic crawl space. It was first seen on July 17, 2017 by the son, who had recently moved back home. July 20, 2017 the Sarasota Animal Control was called. They were not able to retrieve it but identified it as a diamond back rattlesnake. On July 23, 2017, the snake showed itself again and Animal Control was called. That officer also identified the snake as a diamond back rattlesnake. On July, 24, 2017 a snake enthusiast, was called. He correctly identified the snake and after two and 1/2 hours was able to remove it. The snake may have gained entrance from overhanging trees and a loose aluminum soffit."

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