Spoiled Pet Pig Will Only Eat Breakfast In Bed

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Published: October 24, 2017Updated: October 27, 2017

Just like so many of us, Princess the Pig does not like to get out of bed in the morning. When the sun comes up and it is time for breakfast on the farm, Princess won’t even leave her house. She stubbornly snorts and fusses until her breakfast is brought close enough that she can eat without leaving the comfort of her bed.

Every morning when Princess hears her owner come to her house with her breakfast, she pokes her head out of the hole, but the food just isn’t close enough for Princess. She takes it upon herself to drag the big bowl of food right into bed with her!

Princess is a spoiled 13 year old Berkshire Pig that has been with her owner since she was a small piglet living on a hog farm in Canada. After the hog market started to collapse, all the pigs on the farm were sold, all but Princess. She just had too much character that her owner could not part with her. Princess now lives in an old dog house behind the barn, sleeping her days away and waiting for her food to be brought to her in bed.

Berkshire pigs were a common breed on hog farms in Canada weighing up to 600 pounds at maturity. They are one of the oldest breeds of pigs, dating back to England more than 350 years ago. After the majority of the hog industry was taken over by large corporations, Berkshire pigs became less sought after due to their slow growing time and lack of lean meat.

Many farms still have Berkshire pigs on their farms as pets because as you can see with Princess, they are friendly and curious animals that are full of character and personality.

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