Excited Mini Pig Sprints Across Room For Belly Rubs

PickleTheMiniPig Published September 1, 2015 1,852 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThere are almost 7 and a half billion people living in the world right now, and we are pretty sure that at least 6 billion of them absolutely love any sort of scratching, rubbing and just about any kind of pampering. So why would animals be any different?

We’re used to seeing cats brushing the legs of their owners in attempt to instigate a bit of pamper love, dogs smiling from ear to ear when their belly is scratched, but this video is a bit different. One of our micro pet pigs gets a belly rub and it is absolutely adorable! Watch as the mini piglet rushes in to cuddle with owner. It rolls over for a belly rub and is sent to dreamland! Cuteness overload!

Instead of the common pet, this video shows a pet piglet running at full speed into the room to receive his daily dose of love. He runs straight through the room, sliding on the carpet and landing in front of the legs of his owner. He gets so excited when he hears the call, he just can’t hold his happiness in. Have you ever seen a pig this excited? What a curious little fellow!

Pickle the Mini Pig brightens up our day with a wrinkled smile and joyful eyes. It is adorable how he sprints throughout the house and enters the room in full speed, just to serve his body to the owner in need to be showered with attention. This overly affectionate piglet is craving for love! You would never think that a piglet can enjoy a thorough rub so much, but just as it happens to be, this one does. And he enjoys it a whole lot! His smile will definitely make you burst from the cuteness overflow. Guaranteed!


  • billcr, 2 years ago

    how much bacon could we get get outta little piggy here, or sausage either one or both.

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