Bunny Doesn’t Like To Be Pestered By Toys In Its Soft Bed

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever seen a pet that is very tidy and always keeps his sheets clean and bed made? Watch this ash-color bunny engage in the cutest struggle with his owner! The video shows a bunny sitting in his crib inside the bunny cage when his owner starts putting toys inside his house. Watch his adorable reaction!

Rhubarb is just trying to make his bed, but his owner keeps placing toys on it. He's making it as clear as possible that he wants a neat and tidy room, but his owner doesn’t seem to be getting it! It is like he wants to say: Mi casa no es su casa, you are not allowed to bring any toys, I am not comfortable around them!

Rhubarb is annoyed every time his owner puts toys in his bed and immediately takes them off and throws them on the floor! The bunny wants to be alone in the crib and likes to have his ducks in a row, he likes having a tidy bed and he is annoyed every time his owner makes a mess by bringing his toys inside the fluffy crib.

Watch these two engage in the cutest struggle, owner made over dozen attempts, but to no avail, the bunny instantly gets rid of the intruder! Rabbits are pretty much the cutest thing. With their iconic ears, their hopping legs and twitchy noses, it's understandable that plenty of people would want one as a pet. Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality.

Rhubarb the bunny is a real proof that rabbits are very social as well as active and playful, forming a close bond with their owners. Though he may find the game to be a total nuisance to him, he still engages fully and makes sure his bedding is neat and tidy. No person, animal or thing can approach his “nest” because he is one meticulous animal. He is quite affectionate as he doesn’t want to hurt his owner’s feelings and reject the game entirely. He could simply get rid of the toy, ignore it or just pretend that he is sleeping, but he does none of this. He is such a diligent pet!

Just look at those warm eyes and fluffy fur, it makes you want to pat him and take him in your arms and never let him go. He looks so sweet and innocent. What captivate us even more is the color of the bunny which is neither white nor brown but an interesting shade of grey. Rhubarb looks like the softest pillow ever! Imagine rocking him in your arms before going to bed, he must have a very calming effect on the human’s brain because he is a real positive energy spreader.

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  • Bobbbbb, 2 years ago

    Why do you think he's annoyed? Maybe it's just a game. And, what does this have to do with ducks? Strange description.

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