5 years ago

Great Dane Makes It Impossible For Owners To Make The Bed

Max the Great Dane is deaf, but he understands hand signs and he usually obeys his owners. However, when he is on the bed he chooses to ignore owner’s calls! Watch and laugh as his owners try to get him off so that they can make the bed. He totally ignores them, even though he knows what they are asking him!

In typical Great Dane style, Max the Great Dane refuses to discuss getting out of the cozy bed. Watch as he yawns, moans and groans but won't consider getting up from his afternoon nap!
It is hilarious how this massive pooch throws one serious temper tantrum behavior at owners, and tries to cuddle on the bed in order to shoo them away! Adorable!

He clearly likes this bed so much that he wouldn’t leave it for anything in this world! Sometimes we don't understand why dogs do what they do, but it does make for a funny moment for everyone involved in the process. For all you dog owners out there, you probably have had a similar experience when you let the dog on the bed but had difficulties getting them to leave! It still makes for a hilarious moment!

Max is one very lazy pooch who loves to be in bed. Despite the mouthful conversations with Mom and Dad, he just refuses to get up and sure knows how to show it! This adorable puppy is all of us when we have to get up in the mornings and feels our struggle! This pup is perfectly content with spending the day in bed but his parents certainly have other plans. You won't be able to help but fall in love with this stubborn snoozer!

Max is all snuggled up in his owners’ big, soft bed and will not get out for the world! In fact, he is so comfy in his little kingdom that he decides to completely ignore their pleas. Both his owners try their hardest to get Max out of the bed, by attempting every trick from the book, but to no avail!

At one point, it seems the humans’ annoying attempts to get him out made the pup cranky and Max started to bark and howl in protest! After much coercing, Max’s butts eventually rolls over on the bed and gets out of that sweet spot!

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