Great Dane makes it impossible to make the bed

MaxandKatietheGreatDanesPublished: April 24, 2017Updated: April 25, 2017128,242 views
Published: April 24, 2017Updated: April 25, 2017

Max the Great Dane is deaf, but he understands hand signs and he usually listens quite well. However, when he is on the bed he can't hear at all! Watch and laugh as his owners try to get him off the bed so that they can make it... He totally ignores them, even though he knows what they are saying to him!

He clearly likes the bed the way that it already is! How funny! Sometimes we don't understand why dogs to what they do, but it does make for a funny moment for everyone involved. For all you dog owners out there, you probably have had a similar experience when you let the dog on the bed! It still makes for a hilarious moment!

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Check out this hilarious Great Dane not wanting to leave the bed.

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