Phoenix Suns Start Fastbreak Perfectly In Sync

TheFumblePublished: October 22, 2017168,328 views
Published: October 22, 2017

With the kickoff of the NBA regular season this week, and amid exciting plays and brutal injuries, perhaps the most talked-about clip thus far is a mesmerizing fastbreak by the Phoenix Suns. Sports fanatics have taken the liberty to say that witnessing their play on the court was better than lovemaking, sending chills down their spines.

In the first quarter, Suns guard Eric Bledsoe picked off a pass from Portland Trail Blazers guard Pat Connaughton.

The Suns all began racing down court the other way, but it had an odd symmetry, as all five players began running at the exact same moment.

People sure like to call sports a "dance”; even the New York Times had a long piece about how Steph Curry wows ballet dancers with his moves. But that's just a solo act. When you get to witness five 6-foot men on court synched up in beautiful, simultaneous dance, it’s eerie.

If Steph Curry is a primo ballerino, then these Phoenix Suns are the whole Russian Ballet.

This perfectly synchronized fastbreak by the Phoenix Suns is a matter of coincidental beauty, we guarantee you'll rewind this clip at least 10 times. See what else you might have missed in this week's Honorable Mentions!

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