Bulldog Reacts Hilariously After Being Scared

Published October 17, 2017 118,929 Views $359.78 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere is simply something magical about pets that makes people feel happy. They make life better in so many ways and nothing beats the special moments shared with these furbabies. After spending only a few minutes with a soft, loving pet all of your worries and problems will seem to just disappear!

This Bulldog is the sweetest, most adorable, little cutie in the whole world. This short clip of a man and his dog, will sure make you laugh! Check out this bulldog's hilarious reaction when he is surprised by his human. Priceless!

The Bulldogis as relaxed as can be, just laying on the floor doing nothing, comfortably snuggling with his toy.

A few seconds later his dad slowly approaches the dog, he sneaks from behind and gives him a sudden share, resulting with a sudden fright!

The dog is overly surprised and makes a sudden jump. He is confused and starts growling, and makes the cutest face of a scared big dog!. He quickly snatches his toy and protects it with his two paws, being afraid that someone might steal it. Too funny!

He is acting all childish, being protective of his security blanket. He just doesn’t want to share!

His reaction will definitely put a smile on your face and teach you that big dogs can also be frightened!