This Bulldog Warns Movie Character About Impending Doom

Khaleesi12 Published July 7, 2017 2,869 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou are undoubtedly familiar with the feeling when you’re watching a horror movie, and you know that evil is hiding right around the corner, so the only thing that naturally comes to you is to scream at the top of your lungs because it sends shivers down your spine. Or you want to warn the main character against the approaching danger. Well, you are not alone. Dogs can get afraid of scary movies, too.

It is amazing that some dogs watch TV. Khaleesi the Bulldog loves horror movies and seems to have the same reaction to children in danger every time. Every time something scary happens onscreen, she barks as if to warn everyone of the danger. Khaleesi loves watching horror movies and is especially protective of the child actors.

In all three movies, Khaleesi tries as hard as she might alert the little girls who start seeing the dark presence. The pooch remains calm during the entire scene, which is quite bone-chilling, but gets exasperated whenever the girl in the scene gets scared. Brave Khaleesi can predict just when the presentation will appear and starts growling and barking. Beware, her earth-shaking bark might scare you more than the movie.

Whether you love dogs or not, you are going to like this video. So, next time when you watch a scary movie, and you can’t shake the feeling of somebody crawling behind your back, think of Khaleesi and her reaction, and undoubtedly your fear will subside.

A lot of dogs loves watching TV. They find it incredibly fun especially if there are other dogs or animals on TV. Dogs can see pictures on TV also to how we do, and they are savvy enough to perceive on-screen pictures of creatures as they would, in actuality.

Well, why not? Who does not want to lay down on the couch after a long day working? In this playing fetch. This dog got exhausted after a long day playing fetch, so when she got home, she wanted to rest and watch some time. She fetches the bed to comfortably watch TV and then she sits in front of the TV all excited about that!

It’s like she has a paper due on wildlife or something because she doesn’t even flinch! Seems like she appreciates the routine she has set up with her human. Amazing!