Angry Driver Almost Gets Run Off The Road, Evades Karma By The Hair

Published October 9, 2017 6,892 Plays

Rumble / Horrible DriversRage is a nasty thing, but road rage gets its own sub-category of nasty, because only a true self-centered idiot would put the lives of everyone around them on the road in danger, just so that they can prove some selfish point.

So many accidents have been recorded due to road rage, because someone flashed them on the road and they decided to play a game of ‘chicken’, without caring what is going on around them. Not everyone gets to pay the price for their selfishness.

The Toyota Platz decided it would be a great idea to swerve into the Honda Civic next to him - maybe if he hit him hard enough he could get bonus points from the passenger train! Oops - forgot about lane divider! Okay, that didn't work, so maybe I'll stop in the middle of the road now. This is a great reminder, please take care when you're on the road!

Another thing that gets so much attention is tailgating, like this ‘PRINSES’ that wanted to get past a fully loaded semi on the highway, so she decided to tailgate a car in front of her to move faster. Unfortunately for the 'prinses', the driver in front of her SUV respects the law, so he opted to check her breaks instead. Not very nice, but still better than breathing down someone’s neck.