World Famous Magician Makes Levitating A Table Look Like A Piece Of Cake

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Published: October 4, 2017Updated: October 11, 2017

Vladimir is a world famous performer with an incredible talent for sleight of hand, illusions, mental demonstrations and levitation. He's been practicing magic for 49 years, starting at the tender age of 10.

He has appeared on television shows and has entertained many famous people, including Canadian actor, Martin Short. When he took part in Canada’s Got Talent in 2012, Short was so impressed, he told Vlad: “I think you are actually a wizard!”

One of his specialties is birthday parties, as seen here. With lively music, colorful props, flaming skewers and objects that appear to literally float in front of him, the crowd was mesmerized. Unexpectedly, Vladimir picked up a small wooden table that was covered with a cloth. He walked around the onlookers and spun around with the table rising and lowering in the air. Even with a careful eye on his hands, the feat defied gravity and logic. There were no visible strings or wires. The audience was completely flabbergasted.

For over 20 years, Vladimir has been enchanting audiences all over the world with his elegant magic. From private parties to corporate events to full theatrical shows, Vladimir’s trips into the world of magic, music and beauty will leave every audience spellbound.

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