World famous magician's card trick will blow your mind

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Published: October 2, 2017Updated: October 4, 2017

Vladimir, master of illusion and levitation has been entertaining and baffling audiences for 49 years. Born in Russia, he was practicing magic since the age of 10. Here, he can be seen circulating through the crowd after a children's party. He had dazzled the younger crowd with illusions, levitating sticks and tables, flames, and mind reading. But his show was geared toward a very young audience. After the scarves and colored balls were put away, he delighted the adults in the audience with card tricks, fork bending and more mind reading illusions. In this trick, he magically turns queens into nines and back again. Even if you watch his hands closely, he demonstrates what is seemingly impossible. He will admit that some of his work is sleight of hand, but some of his act simply seemed impossible to explain. Voted the best magician and appearing on Canada's Got talent in 2012, Vladimir is possibly one of the most polished magic performers you will ever see.

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  • 1 rumble
    winkeldinkel · 1 year ago

    Cool! my brother David does close-up magic..met all the big ones-the late Doug Henning, Copperfield and Lance Burton..

    • 1 rumble
      DavidMcNab · 1 year ago

      Wow. Such an honour! Get David on video ;)

  • 1 rumble
    ray1876 · 1 year ago

    Impressive. Replaying to figure it out... no luck yet.

    • 1 rumble
      DavidMcNab · 1 year ago

      His levitation and fork bending was even better but I was too stunned to get great video.