Company Employed Gangster Cats For Their Commercial And It's The Funniest Thing

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Published: October 4, 2017

What once were the naked or scantily clothed body parts of beautiful women, today it is cats. After experts gave the long-awaited proof that watching cat videos is beneficial for productivity in the workplace, as well as a general pawsitive feeling, advertizing agencies have been using our feline furbabies in commercials for pretty much anything that needs to be sold!

Everything is hilarious when cats get involved, but this has to be the most hilarious commercial we have seen. The company that made it has nothing to do with the small troublemakers, but their decision to include them in promoting their product was perfect in every way!

COTTO STUDIO is a Malay design studio for internal design, with a team of creative designers who can design your own bathroom from any requirements. Mr. Khrong, the cat gang leader, might have wanted to encourage his fellow gang members to revolt against bath time, but seeing what their owner did to the bathroom, they instantly change their minds. It is a kitty-human heaven!

All of the kitties played their roles perfectly and, in our humble cat-loving opinion, contributed greatly to the promotion of the brand.

Please feel free to contact COTTO studio.

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      ljdlkjd · 17 weeks ago

      What a stupid spot. Animals should not be used for entertainment or financial lucre.

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      Marifri · 5 weeks ago

      Somehow my answer to @ljdlkjd´s comment hasn´t been posted, it seems, so here another try: Don´t you have any humor??? No cat´s been harmed in this funny spot, I almost made myself wet from laughing although I had watched it before somewhere, it´s already and "OLDIE BUT GOODIE", oh I bet you´d find Aaron´s Animals or his "Prince Michael" stupid either, I could almost feel sorry for you because you must be a totally sad and frustrated person, but only almost....