Advertised Bathroom Products Have Been Put To The Test

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Published: March 22, 2018

Today, we test several As Seen On TV cleaning products in the bathroom and offer not only an honest review but DIY alternatives, too.

Not every add seen on Tv is a waste of money, but how can you really know unless you try it? Today we will test several products that can be used in your bathroom and give you some DIY alternatives!

Nobody enjoys cleaning toilets which is why the ‘Hurri Clean’ automatic toilet cleaner seems enticing. This product has a clever name and claims that you just pour the product in your tank, wait and then flush! So, supposedly, no scrubbing is required! Suspiciously, it doesn’t say anywhere on the package what it’s made of, other than saying that it is Chlorine free.

On the testing, we follow the direction by removing the tank lid, pouring in the product and watching it foam up. Then, we let it sit for six hours and finish up by flushing the toilet. Manufacturers claim that the formula has powerful scrubbing bubbles that can clean from the inside out like a hurricane strength!

Although it seems to remove some of the discoloration from the flappering hardware, it did very little to break the sediment at the bottom of the tank, or clean anything inside the toilet bowl itself. In fact, the slight ring inside the bowl still required scrubbing to remove because toilet and water conditions can vary quite a bit, we are not sure it can work as advertised. At best, it sanitizes and prevents mold in the toilet, but at worst, it is money down the drain! Leaving you to try something else that may be more effective! Judging by the negative reviews online, it was confirmed that we are not alone in our opinions!

To find out more about the other products we tested, check out this video and be amazed by our discoveries!


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