COVID vaccine adulteration w/Kevin McKernan, Byram Bridle, Chris Martenson, Steve Kirsch

7 months ago

In this video, you'll learn for the first time why these experts believe that the vaccine IS adulterated, why they believe that the drug companies DELIBERATELY concealed the presence of the SV40 promoter sequence from the regulators, how they cleverly avoided violating the contamination specs by using two DIFFERENT measurement techniques depending on what was being measured, how Health Canada did *NOTHING* to stop the vaccines after admitting the vaccines contain an active ingredient that they were never notified existed and have no clue how damaging it is, how NO health authority in the world is even asking the drug companies any questions like "So, who removed the SV40 promoter label from the diagrams and why did they do it?"), that none of the regulators asked any questions as to "why is *THAT* in there" (the vaccine has lots of things that are in there to do medical research because it appears they used an off-the-shelf formulation used in research to rush to market faster), how the press is remaining silent, why Congress isn't asking any questions, what they think the FDA will do now, how they think Pfizer and Moderna will extricate themselves (or not), how serious the harms are, how many labs has Kevin McKernan shipped his testing kit to, what is the probability of IRREPARABLE harm, why no health authority worldwide will fund the research as to whether or not this irreparably damages your DNA, which media is covering this news, how this will end, why testing monocytes in blood is the best chance for finding a signal, and more!

The bottom line is that the drug companies are now living on borrowed time. I expect to have lab results in <30 days from now. If the data shows irreparable harm from these vaccines, it's all over. The house of cards comes tumbling down.

Stay tuned.

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