Emotional Big Sister Holds Baby Brother For The First Time

Firebug435Published: September 28, 2017Updated: December 20, 2017111,902 views
Published: September 28, 2017Updated: December 20, 2017

Siblings are the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone who has a sibling will tell you that they have found a friends for life in their sibling, someone who will always be there to watch their back. Sure, there is the occasional squabble over something minor and the unparalleled “you are not my mom”, but those issues get surpassed quickly and everything is peaches and cream afterwards. Live and learn is what they say.

It is easier for kids to have less of an age difference between them, but not all families get to be so lucky. Sometimes more than a decade might pass between two births, which doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the bond will not be as strong. Children who have been waiting for a sibling for a long time tend to understand the process better and give an even warmer welcome to their newborn sister or brother.

This girl has been wishing for a sibling her entire life, but luck wasn’t on her side...until now. Minutes after being born, the proud parents wanted the newborn's big sister to join the celebration! It's hard to hold back tears during such an emotional moment, as she hold the swaddled bundle of joy in her arms and can barely hold her tears.

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      warriorbride · 1 year ago

      that baby doesn't SOUND right I gave NEVER heard of a baby make those sounds it sounds like she is swalling her spit and can't breathe or its draining from her nose to her throat they NEED to check the baby because he could chock or no be able to breathe ?

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        Firebug435 · 1 year ago

        The nurses did. They cleaned him out a little more after we stopped the video. This was just moments after he was born, he had just left moms chest and went to big sis. Then he went to the table and got cleaned up, suctioned, measured and weighed and all that good stuff. That's why it was a quick vid, because we wanted him to get over there, but also wanted her to experience this as at that very time everyone's emotions were high......