Emotional Big Sister Holds Baby Brother For The First Time

Published September 28, 2017 264,347 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsSiblings are the gift that keeps on giving. Everyone who has a sibling will tell you that they have found a friend for life in their sibling, someone who will always be there to watch their back. Sure, there is the occasional dispute over something minor and the unparalleled “you are not my mom,” but those issues get surpassed quickly, and everything is peaches and cream afterward. Live and learn is what they say.

It is easier for kids to have less of an age difference between them, but not all families get to be so lucky. Sometimes more than a decade might pass between two births, which doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the bond will not be as strong. Children who have been waiting for a sibling for a long time tend to understand the process better and give an even warmer welcome to their newborn sister or brother.

This girl has wished for a sibling her entire life, but luck wasn’t on her side...until now. Minutes after being born, the proud parents wanted the newborn's big sister to join the celebration! It's hard to hold back tears during such an emotional moment, as she holds the swaddled bundle of joy in her arms and can barely hold her tears.

She is going to be a great sister, and this baby boy will grow with such a fantastic family and big sister that he will be forever grateful to them for all the love and support he will have in his life. Savannah is 14 years old, and she has been waiting for a sibling her whole life.

Finally, she got Jax! And wait when we show you the video when her parents told her she was going to be a big sister! Wow, what a reaction! Her parents used a very creative way to tell her by using a whisper challenge and she was blown away!

The Whisper Challenge is a fun guessing game where one person puts headphones on and turns up the music. The other player has to “whisper” a message, while the person with the headphones guesses what’s being said simply by watching the other person’s mouth move.

It is a very entertaining game indeed, and it is also a very creative way to surprise family members with excellent news. She immediately gets teary-eyed and is overwhelmed with the big news. Parents tell her that she is going to be a great sister and hope that those are tears of joy.

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