Little Girl Preciously Holds Baby Brother To Watch TV

Published September 12, 2017 13,143 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe all love our siblings to bits, sometimes literally. They are the friends that stick around for life, keeping our most precious of secrets and giving advice that no one else can give.

Usually, when parents announce to their older children that a sibling is on the way, then do not take it very well. Sure, there are those that are ecstatic about the notion of having a brother or a sister, but then there are those who can’t believe they are having another baby in the house!

And then, there are kids like the little girl in this video, warming our hearts and making us wish we were kids again, along with our siblings. One morning Hazel’s mom caught a precious moment she shared with her baby brother, as they sit together in front of the TV and watch some cartoons. She has a happy handful in her lap in this adorable clip.

Hazel sits in her little rocking chair, her baby brother in her arms, and she hugs and kisses the little devil with all the love she has to give. The boy makes a few attempts to escape her clutches, but she just pulls him back up, slaps him gently on the belly and returns to watching the show. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, really.

What a priceless moment!