Weird Dogs Barking But You Hear The Entire Animal Kingdom Instead

AFV Published September 28, 2017 258 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThese are going to be some of the weirdest sounds you'll hear come out of a dog. These dogs have some seriously weird barking sounds and will make you think you are at the zoo.

You will hear dogs barking like sheep, pigs, chicken or even cats. Some are obviously upset and wine, others try to prove a point, or just want to sing along.

Another dog is whining and making weird barking sounds, he sounds like an old man arguing over a chess game as if he was gagging on gummy bears while trying to prove a point. He goes on and on, if you listen close enough, he seems like he can imitate the sounds of the entire animal kingdom, but sounds nothing like a dog.

Another doggie tries to howl but sounds like a broken cassette. He argues with his owner, but doesn't seem to have a winning argument. He begs in all different tones on the note scale, and entertains his owners for a while.

The next dog is the Darth Vader of dogs as he sounds like he pushes the "I am your father" tone over and over again as a girl plays on mouth-organ and he tries to sing along. He might have a good bass voice but he sounds like he is having a loud argument over the choice of music.

These dogs sound like mice, cows, pigs, chickens, anything but dogs. They look like dogs on the outside, but who knows what happens on the inside.

This pitch perfect squeaky singer is bad news for your ears, and the next guy is too lazy to open his mouth so he growls without moving a muscle. There is also this dog that sounds like a cat in its period.