Curious Kitten Goes After Human Shadow

Published September 28, 2017 2,380 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensWatch as this curious kitten goes up against a human shadow for the very first time. This little kitten is learning about shadows and he is up for a big surprise when he finds out that they are very hard to catch!

Cats are all about 'stalking and hunting'. They are always looking for some interaction and adrenaline driven games. From chasing tails to chasing shadows, you name it!

They wiggle their back legs as they get ready to pounce on their prey. These play behaviors are linked to prey stalking, attacking and predation in nature.

Dancing shadows on a wall will prompt cats to run and leap to examine all moving shapes. Especially kittens, very young at age, will be puzzled with the appearance of any form of shadow and will give it a try and go chasing after.

This little kitty is eager to play. Her human puts her up for a very long chase game as he makes shape figures with his hand and fingers that fascinate the cat.

Little fellow almost immediately jumps after the prey in desperate need to catch it, but all in vain.

This is how you entertain your kitten, all night long! It is a very amusing game, both for the pet and the owner.