Curious kitten fascinated by fidget spinner

Published July 13, 2017 3,783 Plays $7.43 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensPet owners prepare to laugh as this video will surely make you smile! Fidget spinners are all the rage nowadays and it seems that there is no stopping them. In this video check out as this kitty doesn't want to fall behind on what's trending. First the cat inspects the gadget, being very curious about what it is. Then she gives in to the trend and starts playing with it! Will this trend ever die out? This is one video that you do not want to miss as you will remember it for a long time!

Who would have though that cats could love fidget spinners so much? What we do know is that the really is one adorable cat. She seems so happy and mesmerized playing with the simple toy. Then again who on the internet isn't!? It seems our feline friends are no safer from this trend any more so than we are.

Overall this kitty seems really happy. Her owner must take really good care of her; feeding her good food, playing with her and getting her the best cat toys! This is one adorable kitten!

Do you think this trend will die out? What random objects do your pets play with? Let us know down in the comments!