Sweet Little Boy Preciously Sings To His Baby Sister

Published September 28, 2017 29,573 Plays $62.58 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsWe all love our siblings to bits, sometimes literally. They are the friends that stick around for life, keeping our most precious of secrets and giving advice that no one else can give.

Usually, when parents announce to their older children that a sibling is on the way, then do not take it very well. Sure, there are those that are ecstatic about the notion of having a brother or a sister, but then there are those who can’t believe they are having another baby in the house!

This 4-year-old boy is one of those kids that couldn’t wait to meet their new baby sibling! In this incredibly touching video, the tot can be seen sitting on the floor with his tiny baby sister in his lap and he is singing a tune for her. It is the most heartwarming song of them all - he repeats “I love you” in as many melodies he can think of, with a few additions in between. It is the best gift an older sibling can give to their younger one and we hope that mom will keep this recording for when they grow up!

Some kids might fall apart at the seams when they hear that they will be getting a new baby sister, but others seems to love the idea so much, they bawl their eyes out because can’t wait to meet her. It is not easy sharing a house with a girl!