Big Brother Gets Emotional Over Baby Sister Gender Reveal

Published September 6, 2016 45,708 Views

The moment parents reveal the gender of the new baby to their children is always priceless. Watch this heartwarming video as siblings show opposing reactions to the baby gender reveal even though they are equally happy about it!

This adorable group of siblings is about to get some exciting news! Their mom sat them down to <a href="" target="_blank">reveal the big news of the gender of the new baby</a> that will soon be joining the family! If these kids' reactions are any indication, this new baby is going to have the best big brothers and sister of all time!

These three siblings were about to find out the gender of the <a href="" target="_blank">new addition to the family</a>. When their mother broke the good news to them, their reactions were adorable! Each of the three siblings had a package in front of them that they needed to open in order to find out the gender of the baby. Pink onesies would mean that the baby is a girl, and blue onesies would mean that the baby is a boy!

Footage shows all siblings digging through their packages, to which, the big sister is the first to tear open the wrapping, only to find out that she is going to have a little sister! The girl cannot contain her excitement and quickly shows the pink onesies to the camera! Apparently, everyone is happy for this gender reveal, but of of the big brothers gets to emotional and starts crying! It is not that he is disappointed with the gender of the baby, but he simply cannot wait to hold her!

Kids can't hide their true emotions. Watch as this emotional boy bursts in tears after hearing the great news that he is going to have another sister! It is adorable that all siblings are equally excited about the good news! The new baby girl is sure going to be a happy one, with loving siblings like these!

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