Police chief commits to moving District 5 staff from Ludlow Ave headquarters following FOP outrage

Published September 27, 2017

Rumble Thirty-four employees most "at risk" at the police's District Five headquarters will be moved within 30 days, Chief Eliot Isaac promised at a city council committee meeting Wednesday morning. The remainder of the 122 employees stationed there will be out by year's end, he said.  This announcement came one day after FOP President Dan Hils publicly complained of the unusual number of police officers who have died from cancer and decried the cramped working conditions at the Ludlow Avenue building. Hils insisted the city's administration move officers out by Christmas at Tuesday's news conference. Winburn went one step further at Wednesday's budget and finance committee meeting by demanding the city have a comprehensive plan to move officers within 30 days, or Oct. 27. "I've always said, 'Get them out of here,' but I've never set a date before," Hils said. "I'm going as high on the food chain as I can go without calling the governor or the White House. I'm asking for John Cranley's involvement, which I've never done before."