Compassionate Bulldog Barks At TV To Protect Actor From Bear Attack

Published September 26, 2017 7,163,888 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesYou are certainly familiar with the feeling when you’re watching a horror movie and you know that evil is hiding right around the corner, so the only thing that naturally comes to you is to scream at the top of your lungs because it sends shivers down your spine. Or you just want to warn the main character against the approaching danger. Well, you are not alone. Dogs can get afraid of scary movies, too.

In this hilarious footage we see Khaleesi the English Bulldog, who by the way loves Leonardo DiCaprio, watching one of her favorite films "The Revenant". Watch as she follows the bear attack scene very closely, anticipating that something bad is about to happen. Moments later, when the bear strikes, she becomes fiercely protective of the actor and tries to help him while he is in distress by barking at the TV in attempt to scare off the beast. Great job Khaleesi! You saved the day! Funny!

It is amazing that some dogs actually watch TV and try to interact with the characters on the big screen. Khaleesi the Bulldog loves horror movies and seems to have the same reaction to children in danger every time. Every time something scary happens onscreen, she barks as if to warn everyone of the danger. Khaleesi loves watching horror movies and is especially protective of her favorite actors. Leonardo DiCaprio happens to be one of them!

Footage shows Khaleesi sitting only inches from the TV screen and closely observing the bear-attack scene that is enrolling in the background. When the bear starts to pick a fight, she tries as hard as she can to alert the actor about her presence. The pooch can be seen barking her soul out just to alert the actor about the bear, or maybe she tries to scare her off. Brave Khaleesi is guarding Leonardo’s back like best friends do. Beware, her earth shaking bark might scare you more than the movie! Hilarious! Have you ever seen such compassionate pooch before?

Dogs do some pretty interesting things every once in a while. These dogs have a quite unique pass time. Elvis and Khaleesi are two English Bulldogs that love watching TV, especially intense movies, they are their absolute favorite. They interact with the TV every time they watch movies!

These two spoiled English Bulldog siblings are from the same litter and have completely opposite personalities. Their names are Elvis and Khaleesi and they are certainly the king and queen duo. They act much more like toddlers than actual canines. Khaleesi is definitely the boss even though Elvis is double her size, don't mess around with her, it won't end well! She may be the boss, but that doesn't mean she won't help her brother out! She is always there for him, especially when he gets half his body stuck under the bed, hilarious! It looks like these two love to have staring competitions with each other, they both stare intently at each other, I wonder who won!

Khaleesi doesn't make her brothers life easy, she loves to block doorways so he can't get through, oh boy! They both love whip cream and are bound to argue with one another about it! They even like to sit on the couch with their backs against the pillow, they look exactly like people sitting like this, so funny! All they need now is the remote! Khaleesi should never be interrupted when she is speaking, she sure has lots of sass! These two are hilarious and their childish behaviours will certainly make you smile!

Whether you love dogs or not, you are definitely going to love this video. So, next time when you watch a movie and you can’t shake the feeling of somebody crawling behind your back, just think of Khaleesi and her reaction and undoubtedly your fear will subside.