Super Powerful Camera Makes Saturn Visible For A Naked Eye

Published September 21, 2017 16,990 Plays $27.47 earned

Rumble / SpaceThere are only a select few times when we can actually view the planet Saturn from Earth. This rare occurrence is one that millions of people all around the world gather to see. With the naked eye, the planet looks similar to the other stars in the night sky from Earth. Because of this, it can be difficult to determine exactly where Saturn is or which of the glowing orbs it is. This is when the news and the Internet become imperative to experiencing the spectacle.

There are sites that can be visited that will tell a viewer exactly when to look for Saturn and where to look for it. Be sure, though, that you are paying attention to what particular time zone you are in when trying to find out the time and place to look for Saturn. You will also need to know what part of the sky to examine. This will all depend on where you are in the world at the moment.

Humans have long been fascinated with space and all of the wondrous sites present in the beautiful night sky each and every night. Since the astrological chartings that were made hundreds of years ago, people have looked up at the black depth above our planet and wondered and dreamed about what could be “out there.” Seeing another planet in the sky is an event that everyone should experience at some point in their lifetime. This particular video is interesting because it shows the viewer exactly what this planet will look like when trying to find it in the sky at night from Earth.

The video is a little different and may seem a little strange at first. This is because the entire video consists of what looks to be just a floating orb of light on a black screen. However, graphics are not what should be the focus here. What is interesting and “cool” is the fact that it is not a star; it is a planet. When viewers watch this video, they should try to actively remember and think about the fact that this little floating orb of light on their computer screens is an actual planet, and it is millions and millions of miles away. It is shocking to imagine being able to actually visually see something with your own eyes that is thousands or millions of miles away from where you are.

It is even more shocking when you can see something that far away without any help of a telescope or other form of technology. Obviously, the viewing experience is going to be better and more detailed with a telescope, but it is interesting either way. The person who recorded the video zooms in and out from the planet Saturn so that viewers can see what it looks like with the naked eye. Zooming in allows us to see what the planet looks like in just a little bit more detail. Don’t forget to subscribe to Rumble and join the community!