Driver Captures “Ghostly Orb” Floating On A Dark Country Road

Published August 24, 2018 281 Plays

Rumble By Nelson Groom Spooky footage showing a driver passing a mysterious bright orb on a dark country road has sent the ghost hunting community into a spin. Marine painter Andrew Hearn, 22, was driving home from a friend’s house in Maryland, United States, when he spotted the brightly glowing ball in the dead of night. The eerie footage has provoked different opinion among the hunting groups online with some saying being convinced that it shows another upcoming car on the road while others claiming that it is an actually orb of light.

Which group do you belong to? Do you believe in apparitions of different shapes and sizes or are you one of those who do not believe in the supernatural? When it comes to the topic of ghosts, the opinions are always divided and there is no point in convincing people with different stand from yours to cling to one view or other. People believe in whatever they want to and there are no right or wrong beliefs - everybody to their own.

Andrew believes that what he has captured is an otherworldly orb and as he says whenever he replays the video he freaks out since there is not a single soul alive on the road. He witnessed the orb three hours after midnight and he was looking around because it was very unusual for him to be on the road with nobody around him, no bikers, no light, nothing. No matter how many times will people replay the video, they will be always debating whether it’s another car, bike, or a spirit orb. It is a never-ending debate.

Since Andrew was intrigued by the sighting, he conducted a research of the road to find if there had been something similar to this in the past and he said that paranormal activities made him believe that it was an orb. Moreover, his personal experiences he had in the past, convinced him it was a brightly glowing ball. Andrew claimed that when he filmed the footage he was the only driver on the road and the lights could not have been from another vehicle, so he plans to return to the scene where he captured the footage with a clearer camera so that he can unlock the mystery.

An orb is just what the word implies - it’s circular in shape, much like a globe. These orbs of light can come in a range of sizes and illumination, with some barely visible and others brightly glowing. However, before you get too excited thinking about the ghost orb you witnessed recently, keep in mind that an orb doesn't necessarily signify that a ghostly spirit is nearby. Orbs of light are generally thought to be the manifestation of energy - which is why they’re sometimes referred to as ghost orbs or spirit orbs. When we ask “what are orbs?”, we really need to talk about when and where we see them. Typically, they are seen at night, in areas where there has been paranormal phenomena or other atypical phenomena already reported. Ghost orbs and spirit orbs may be seen around places like graveyards or churches, or when activities such as seances or clairvoyance work are carried out. Orbs have also been reported in areas where many deaths have occurred.