Great Dane Cools Off In Pool After Hurricane Irma

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Published: September 12, 2017Updated: September 13, 2017

Hurricane Irma has taken a massive toll on the American continent, with its devastating winds and heavy rains, tearing up people’s homes and flooding entire cities. Entire families have been evacuated, along with their pets, to safety. Some people have left their animals with friends, others left them in their barns, but everyone has parted with their loving pets with a heavy heart, hoping to see them very soon.

Max and Katie the Great Danes live near Tampa, Florida, which is catching its first break after the storm. Their house is doing good, no damages, the pools are still full and Katie got to chill out in the pool some. These two might look like huge bullies, but they are actually kittens in disguise. Great Danes can get scared pretty easily, so the storm might have taken some psychological toll on them. Time at the pool would really do them good.

You should definitely check out their first meeting with Bangles and Sammie the African Grey Parrots, who were moved in today to escape the hurricane.

Katie, as always, is very studious about the feathery guests, watching them closely from outside their cages. Both birds are obviously terrified and stressed out over the change in environment and the terrible storm they had to endure, but are lucky to be in loving, caring hands. Her brother isn’t all too impressed with the birds, so he just checks them out briefly and goes on his merry way.

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