Drone Footage Shows Aftermath Of Hurricane Irma In Naples, Florida

Published September 10, 2017 96 Plays

Rumble After an excruciating wait for Hurricane Irma the past week, the storm had finally hit the Florida peninsula this past weekend. On Sunday, September 10, the city of Naples took a devastating hit, with category-3-force winds and blinding rain. The winds have been blowing from the coastal side, pushing the water further away into the ocean. The majority of Collier County has been left without power.

This drone footage shows the extent of the hammering that Naples has endured from Irma after the storm had passed the southern part of Florida’s west coast. After the storm surged the city around 5 o’clock on Sunday afternoon, parts of Naples are facing significant flooding. Some houses have suffered some roof damage, while others have been flooded on the ground floors.

City officials say that they were actually expecting an outcome far worse that what they have on their hands now. Naples mayor told reporters that there is “minimal structural damage”, while Dan Summers, the director of emergency services for Collier County, said that they are expecting the storm surge as its moving in, which accounts for some of the flooding, but it is not as bad as the officials have anticipated.

The storm has also brought damage to the city’s water distribution lines, so officials are telling residents to take precautionary measures and boil the water from their taps before drinking.