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October 4, 2023
88 days until the end of the year. 398 days until the November 2024 election. What will you do politically before those deadlines?
Talk is easy. Action towards solutions is not. Learn what to do:
Here's my appearance on on Royce White's terrific podcast:
My 19 minute talk at the Lindell event:
My August 10 podcast about retired U.S. Court of Appeals judge J. Michael Luttig, a Republican, and thought of by many as a conservative, who stated in a Mediaite interview, "There is no Republican Party." And then he explained why.
Conservatives can elect conservatives IF we act locally. Then we'll win locally and nationally. No precinct committeemen, no Party. PCs ARE the Party. Become one. Fill a seat where you live. To advocate more powerfully politically. When conservatives do this everywhere, we'll start winning everywhere.
America Firsters do not have a political party. Including President Trump. But we could. By transforming the Republican Party.
If enough America Firsters will invest three hours a month, one day a month, in focused, efficient, political activities, as a volunteer precinct-level voting member of their local Republican committee, we will have a great chance of saving our Republic. The flip side of that, if we do not do this, we will not save our Republic.
I try to tell America Firsters the BEST thing to do with their "political time" where they live. I don't use vague suggestions like "act locally, win nationally." I try to tell America Firsters EXACTLY, CONCRETELY, what to DO.
So do the video ads produced by with Royce White.
Showcased on Saturday, July 8, 2023 on Steve Bannon's War Room:
5 seconds:
30 seconds:
1 minute:
1 minute, and my favorite:
Here's a short minute and a half explainer video about the Precinct Strategy and the VotifyNow election integrity reporting app:
Here's the link to my Precinct Strategy book ad:
Please see my podcasts from June 6, 7, & 7 in which I explain the only way, ultimately, to rid ourselves of the computerized "Black Box" secret software machines being used to "select" the winners. "Ballot Harvesting," whatever that means, and voting early by mail are BAD ideas. Because if the ballots just go into Black Box machines for "tabulation," and, worse, the tabulations are done early, then those rigging the machines have more data, and have the data early, as to those who have already voted, and they have more time to re-calibrate the selection software inside the machines and to manufacture more illegal ballots for phantom voters.
The most effective phone calls to public servants are made by precinct committeemen or those truthfully saying they will become precinct committeemen. The staffers know the power of PCs to Get Out The Vote in the primary AGAINST the incumbent they work for.
Please go to my home page at Please to read and watch everything on my home page, starting from the top and working your way down.
I highly recommend you watch my May 5 and February 10, 2023 podcasts and my November 18, 2022 podcast.
May 5, 2023, Focus:
Feb. 10, 2023, How to get rid of the machines:
My talk the next day at the Election Integrity conference in Charleston, SC:
Links to other information and podcasts:
Here's the link to the October 6, 2022 podcast:
Here's the link to the October 10, 2022 podcast:
Here's the link to the September 21 2022 podcast I'd like you to watch.
Will you at least give this a try? Articles mentioned in my April 10 podcast:
About 65% of Wisconsin Republicans apparently were not capable of voting in a state-wide race for a supreme court justice. Are you capable of self-governing yourself and the government?
Will you step into the arena? Do you at least vote? Can you self-regulate yourself? Are you capable of working with others to elect better people to public office? Will you help tell the leftists we WILL have President Trump re-elected?
We have an online communications & collaboration platform that is private & secure & not on Big Tech servers. We need to start using it.
Here's a link to the article discussed in my March 29, 2023 podcast:
Yes, you can, and must, help save our Republic, and help President Trump, right where you live. If you just do nothing new, nothing will change. About three hours a month of your time will be needed. Conservatives had great successes in counties in Georgia on Saturday, March 11, 2023. Because enough of them gathered where and how it matters to outnumber the RINOs.
This podcast gives you a roadmap and educational resources. I also have a concise educational book on the Precinct Strategy. Again, here's an ad for the book:
The website contains zero information regarding why and how to become a voting member of your local Republican committee, how to find your local Republican committee and, whether, when you become a voting member of your local committee, there's a communications and collaboration platform in existence on which precinct committeemen can easily communicate and collaborate regarding reaching their Republican Party goals. has all of that.
At the current rate of progress, the Precinct Committeeman Strategy will fail because the missing ingredient, conservatives, continues to be in too short of supply to make a positive difference. And, it's an all-or-nothing battle. Either conservatives take over the Republican Party, and put themselves on a path to save our republic, or not. Most conservatives either do not know what to do, or do, and won't, either become PCs or advocate that conservatives become PCs. I don’t need most. I need about one out of every 125. Will you step up? Thanks,
Dan Schultz
You've been told.

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