Precinct Strategy The Goal and Obstacles. Dan Schultz February 10 2023

February 10, 2023
Yes, you can help save our Republic right where you live. But it takes about three hours a month of your time.
This podcasts give you a roadmap. It will point you to other podcasts you should watch. Recommend you search on Rumble for Precinct Strategy Schultz. The sort by most recent. Then scroll to the videos from Jan. 26 and 9 and Nov. 18 and 8.

This video explains how hand counting ballots in small precincts on one day works easily, quickly, and inexpensively when done with common sense as was done in the past. We can get their via "all conservative hands on deck" via the Precinct Committeeman Strategy.

The website contains zero information regarding why and how to become a voting member of your local Republican committee, how to find your local Republican committee and, whether, when you become a voting member of your local committee, there's a communications and collaboration platform in existence on which precinct committeemen can easily communicate and collaborate regarding reaching their Republican Party goals. has all of that.

At the current rate of progress, the Precinct Committeeman Strategy will fail because the missing ingredient, conservatives, continues to be in too short of supply to make a positive difference. And, it's an all-or-nothing battle. Either conservatives take over the Republican Party, and put themselves on a path to save our republic, or not. Most conservatives either do not know what to do, or do, and won't either become PCs or advocate that conservatives become PCs. I really do not like those who know about the Strategy, who enjoy huge conservative audiences, and do not advocate every day for the Strategy. If they are reading this, they know who they are. You probably know who they are, too.
Dan Schultz

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