From Devious Disguises To Slick Schemes, These Are The 10 Insane Bank Heists That Actually Worked

alltime10sPublished: August 31, 2017Updated: September 1, 201716 views
Published: August 31, 2017Updated: September 1, 2017

It doesn’t take much in the brains department to stick on a ski mask, and start waving a gun around. But some crooks, take the act of bank robbery to a whole new level.

While Hollywood would make you believe that bank robbing is a glamorous job of dodging lasers, high speed chases and massive explosions, but in December 2007, robbers rented a ground floor restaurant in India, so that they can drill a hole through the floor of a bank above the restaurant. In the end they made off with almost 40 pounds of gold and 5 million rupees.

That’s not all; in 1968, a group of men transporting nearly 3 million dollars in yen currency were stopped by a criminal disguised as a police officer, under the pretense that there was a bomb under their car. He then released a smoke grenade to make it look like the car is about to blow up, so the men transporting the money ran away from fear of explosion, leaving the car to the criminal, who drove away with it and the money inside.

Another group of men who were robbing a bank in Nice actually made the Bastille day weekend into a holiday, drinking wine and eating cheese, then clearing the bank of 60 million francs, equaling to 250 million dollars, but not before leaving their brown marks in the barns ornate bowls. So French!

You have to keep watching to see that kind of mastermind climbed on the number 1 spot on this list!

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