Dog Becomes Over Protective Around Her Pregnant Human Mom

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Published: August 30, 2017

Bull Terriers are known to be independent, stubborn and loving dogs. They love children and are considered the perfect pup to add to a family. This couple’s Bull Terrier, Zayra, knows her mom is pregnant and decides to become the unborn baby’s official bodyguard. In this adorable video, we see the dad acting as if he’s going to snatch the baby away from the mom’s pregnant belly.

The ever watchful Zayra growls and play-bites the dad letting him know that no harm will come to the baby while she’s around. How cute! According to the dad, when Zayra realized her mom was pregnant, she changed her conduct and wouldn’t let anyone get close, not even him. This baby has the best protector anyone could ask for. We would love to see the couple release more videos of the child and their dog’s interactions in the coming years.

Although Zayra looks imposing and appears quite threatening, she is actually a quite active and rowdy clown. She adores being with her family and is extremely energetic, but only in short bursts. Her reaction to her dad trying to touch mommy’s belly only proves that she is a very sweet and affectionate pet and she needs a plenty of companionship. Zayra is extremely territorial, too after having realized that she gets to become the older “sister” in the family - and what do older sisters do? They show the world that sisters are the most precious thing and that if she has to, she can become over protective. There is no doubt that the new baby will enjoy being friends with Zayra because she loves to play and act the clown.

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