Tidy Orangutan Mother Puts Toys Away

Published August 22, 2017 3,202 Plays

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThe Twycross Zoo is having an enrichment day for the animals by throwing lots of colorful balls and some boxes into the enclosure. The orangutan mom with her newborn baby in her arms decides it looks all a bit messy and, in classic mom fashion, she begins to tidy up after her offspring. She starts cleaning up by putting all the balls back into the box. Still with her newborn in her arms, she then carries the boxes with the balls in her mouth all the way up to the top of her climbing frame. She only drops one red ball! What a champ!

Just how cute is this video? And we can all relate to the way mom takes care of the mess her baby made! It's just adorable! It's yet another proof that motherhood is the same with all the species out there, and an example that moms always have our backs - you won't find a better playmate or best friend out there, and this little baby surely knows this very well!

Now for some background info: orangutans are among the most intelligent primates; they use a variety of sophisticated tools and construct elaborate sleeping nests each night from branches and foliage. The apes have been extensively studied for their learning abilities. There may even be distinctive cultures within populations. Field studies of the apes were pioneered by primatologist Birutė Galdikas. All three orangutan species are considered to be critically endangered. Human activities have caused severe declines in populations and ranges. Threats to wild orangutan populations include poaching, habitat destruction, and the illegal pet trade. Several conservation and rehabilitation organisations are dedicated to the survival of orangutans in the wild. (source: Wikipedia)