Institutional Abuse of our Children

9 months ago

We break the Silence!

A small foretaste of what alarming things are coming up on the subject of
"Institutional Assaults on Our Children - A Wake-Up Call!"

2 days left until our press conference on Thursday, September 28, 2023, at 11 AM

Our children were already the main victims during the so-called "Corona crisis". How little respect the state institutions have for children and youth, but also for parents as their caregivers, was made most conspicuously visible not only during the last 3 years. The MWGFD is not afraid to take up this complex of topics and to call a spade a spade. On initiative of the Psychologin and systemic family therapist, Dr. Andrea Christidis, and the former LKA president of Thuringia, Uwe Kranz, under the patronage of the MWGFD a long overdue press symposium takes place under the title specified above.

Numerous speakers such as the investigative journalist David Sorensen from the USA, jurist Prof. Dr. Martin Schwab, former LKA president of Thuringia, Ltd. Ministerialrat a.D. Uwe Kranz, the systemic family psychologist Dr. Andrea Christidis and many other experts will speak clearly on the issues. More details including a link to the livestream can be found in the full article

Here you can watch the livestream:

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