Curious Beagle Wants To Learn How To Jump On A Trampoline

Glenda Published August 17, 2017 2,174 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPuppies and children get along perfectly well and can enter in play mode very easily. Chloe the one-year-old Beagle is very eager to learn how to jump on the trampoline with her human friend but struggles to figure out how it functions!

A commercial has been cheering up people around the world featuring a dog jumping around on a trampoline. It shows a Boxer dog jumping on a trampoline before his owner gets the chance to try it out. The commercial features the tagline "gifts that everyone will love."

The two-minute clip starts off by telling the story of a girl who enjoys bouncing. After the girl goes to bed, the video shows her dad setting up a trampoline to surprise her on Christmas morning.
However, the Boxer watches wildlife using the trampoline. When the girl wakes up and runs into the garden so she can try it out, Buster cuts her off and starts jumping on it.

Obviously, this clip could serve as a nice sequel to that commercial, only if the Beagle puppy learns how to bounce. We see a girl and a puppy standing on a trampoline. The girl has the dog’s toy in her hand and keeps on pressing it, in order to make squeaky sounds, and tease the dog. The girl then jumps up and down the trampoline in an attempt to urge her tiny puppy to follow her movements and start bouncing.

The poor guy, is in desperate search for the toy, and tries hard to reach it by raising its front legs up and trying to grab the toy. However, his back legs remain firm on the ground! It is funny to see this puppy stand but not jump on the bouncing trampoline. We hope that soon, Chloe will dare to take her back feet off the ground and start jumping!